Solar Commercial PV

Commercial Solar PV projects offer financial incentives that are even greater than domestic installations

For business owners and investors, Commercial PV solar provides a long-term financial revenue stream, which is backed by the UK Governments feed-in-tariff scheme. This means you will receive index-linked payments guaranteed for 20 years for generating your own electricity that you can use for free or sell on. Abbey Energy can also provide a unique solutions tailored to further enhance your investment.

Business Owners

For business owners, installing a commercial solar PV system, makes sound business sense. You can use all of the electricity you generate and also receive significant cash payments; index linked under the UK Governments feed-in-tariff scheme, this is guaranteed for 20 years. Any surplus energy can be sold on, you will also be lowering your carbon footprint, thus demonstrating your priority to green issues which all companies and are now required to commit to, there is also the added benefit of generating another income source.

Solar Investors

If you are looking for a long-term investment Commercial Solar PV is a sound proposition as an investment. Should you have redundant roof or ground space we will show you how this can be turned into a very lucrative income, which is fully guaranteed by the UK Government. We also are often approached by companies who have vacant usable factory, office and ground space who are looking to join forces with investors.

Investing In Commercial Solar

Two solar panels with green shoots indicting investment

Off balance sheet Commercial Solar finance

We can arrange off balance sheet finance, so that the systems pay for themselves and the interest rate works out at under 2% after claiming tax relief. In certain circumstances the panels can be fitted for free, paid for by an investor who will take the feed in tariffs and sell you the power generated at a reduced rate (Power Purchase Agreement).

Reduce your energy consumption costs now. Contact us and let us show you how to make real returns from renewable technologies – even without a cost implication for you or your business.

Commercial Solar Installations

  • An Office block with redundant roof available for a commercial solar PV installation
    Investing in solar PV within the workplace
    Office & Factories
    Most of the UK's offices and factories have roof space that is redundant. By adding Commercial Solar, all electricity generated can be used free or sold to the tenants, you will also receive a generous index linked guaranteed revenue from the Feed-In-Tariffs Scheme for 20 years.
  • Healthcare establishment is ideal for a commercial solar PV project which saves energy
    Solar PV for Municipal and Healthcare establishments
    Municipal & Healthcare
    All-most unavoidable municipal buildings and healthcare establishments use energy across the spectrum, with heating, lighting, hot water and cooking. By combining solar PV with other renewable resources, most of these establishments can become self-sufficient in energy requirements.
  • Raised level solar PV panels installed on at ground level on a farm so the ground can still be used for grazing
    Commercial Solar renewable energy in agriculture
    Costs within agriculture & associate industries are very tight; a farm with a large diary herd consumes electricity in large amounts. We can show you how by combining Solar PV with an Biomass Installation, (also receives FIT payments) you can be self-sufficient energy wise & make an income for 20 years